Kebabish Grill & Steakhouse Review: "The steak was cooked to perfection and utterly divine."

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Kebabish Grill & Steakhouse

170-172 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M8 8LQ


Halal Status - Fully Halal Menu: All meats are Halal, no alcohol or non Halal meats served or used in dishes.

I knew exactly which steak I was going to order

After the disaster at East is East I needed this restaurant to redeem my confidence that a south Asian owned business knows how to cook steak and guess what...they did. I knew I wanted the Sirloin steak for it's tenderness and nice layer of fat which runs on the outside of the meat and a good amount that runs within it too.

The restaurant was really well decorated and I liked the open layout. I loved the modern decor from the mocha, grey and brown colour scheme combo, the leather chairs, the spotlights,  the open brick walls to the visible kitchen at the back.

You are spoilt for choice with so many amazing sounding dishes

I loved the variety of dishes on their menu and there was so much to choose from. You have the more 'Western options' like gourmet burgers, steaks and grilled dishes and the more 'desi' options like Sheek Kebabs, curries and Biryanis.

I couldn't control how quickly I ate all eight wings

I ordered the Sriracha Wings to start and you get eight wings which is quite a big portion but I was not complaining. The wings looked awesome. They were grilled over charcoal and and had a lovely charred, smokey taste. I had to get my hands messy, it's the only way to eat wings in my opinion. None of this knife and fork business. They were coated with a sriracha marinade and it was really good. It had the right amount of heat, a tangy hit and I loved the background taste of garlic and black pepper. I liked the added freshness and  the onion flavour from the spring onion garnish. The meat on the chicken was so moist and I gobbled all eight with utter greediness.

Sriracha Wings (£5.50)

Sriracha Wings (£5.50)

Biting into the steak was followed by a lot of mmmm's

The piece de résistance of my meal was the glorious 10oz, 28 day dry aged, certified piece of Aberdeen Angus that sat before me. It looked beautiful with the scored chequered char marks. It had a lovely look and smoky smell to it and cutting it was a piece of cake, effortless. The dry aging not only gives the meat an amazing, rich depth of flavour but also tenderises it.

The steak was cooked to perfection and the way I asked for it to be cooked; medium rare. The meat was so tender and I got so much enjoyment from this piece steak that I didn't want this experience to end. After the meal I had to tell the chef. He was very humble in his response telling me 'We always get top quality steak, hence why it's so good'. But I told him 'I have to give you credit too because you cooked it perfectly and that's a sign of a very skilled chef".  Absolute finesse.

Sirloin steak (10oz), with fresh mushroom sauce, steamed veg and mash £16.99

Sirloin steak (10oz), with fresh mushroom sauce, steamed veg and mash £16.99

The rest of the plate was made up of steamed vegetables which were al dente so had a slight bite to them which I enjoyed. The mash potato was made fresh and it was creamy, buttery and velvety smooth. I liked the flecks of black pepper which every now and again gave a punchy heat. The mushroom sauce was really creamy and had a very intense mushroom flavour. The sauce was made using fresh mushrooms and by a chef who clearly knows what he is doing.


I really enjoyed my time here, the food was great, the service was on point and the atmosphere was calm and relaxed. The only issue was I didn't have enough room in my belly for a dessert which I will definitely have the next time I go. I'm going to order one of their Freak Shakes. Check out their Instagram page, they look gooood! 

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