EastzEast Steakhouse & Lounge Review: "A dining experience that went from bad to worse"

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Halal Status

All meats are Halal. No pork or alcohol served

1362 Leeds Road, Bradford, BD3 8ND

Menu   (please note some dishes on this menu are not available)

A lot of effort has been put into the decor

On entering the restaurant I have to admit I was impressed by their decor. I was presented with a restaurant that from the outset I could tell a lot of thought and effort went into the decor (it's just a shame that the same consideration didn't go into the food and service).We were shown upstairs as the downstairs dining area was full, which was great because I thought the food must be good here to have so many people packed in.

The dining room upstairs was just as well decorated and had  a sizable waiting area, an open balcony with tables,  a large prayer room and a luxurious private dining room at the back.

It was almost fifty minutes before a table became available

I was told by one of the managers it would be about thirty minutes before we could get a table. OK the evening was really busy but from what I saw and was told they had enough waiting and kitchen staff to deal with the amount of diners. As the night progressed I noticed a dramatic change in not just my mood but the mood of every diner in there. It was just unfortunate we all shared in this experience that  I can only describe as frustrating, pantomime and amateurish. Clearly not one member of staff was able to handle this pressure as everything that could have gone wrong, did.

It got to fifty minutes and I started becoming more and more restless, and the hunger pangs had really kicked in. I hadn't eaten much all day to save myself for what I thought would be an epic feast.  Eventually we were shown to our table and sat down.  The table wasn't set with our knives and forks, no one provided us with menus and not one waiter took our drinks orders. We had to ask a waiter to bring our menus, which he kindly did. We then asked for drinks but we told that we had to ask another waiter. A look of confusion fell on my face. I ordered our drinks but again they were late so we went to the bar to pick them up ourselves. Almost twenty minutes went past before the manager took our order, again I had to call him from across the dining area.

A light, crispy batter encased two moist Tiger King Prawns

A further thirty minutes passed and we finally got our starters. I ordered the King Prawn Tempura and I'm going to give credit where it's due; they were really good. The batter was light and crispy and made a delicious crunch when I bit into it. It was lightly seasoned which was good and it didn't over power the sweet flavour of the prawn. The prawns were surprisingly big and plump. They were cooked really well. But from here it went rapidly downhill and my dining experience descended into complete chaos.

Tiger Prawn Tempura £4.90

Tiger Prawn Tempura £4.90

We were kept waiting and waiting and waiting some more...

Our mains arrived one hour after the starter plates were taken (again we had to ask the waiters to take these even though they walked passed our table and saw our empty plates). In the time it took for our mains to arrive time I asked the waiters and the managers where our food was and each time we got a different answer. This is when I knew that there was utter chaos in the kitchen and not one person in that restaurant knew what they were doing or what was going on. Looking around you'd expect the atmosphere to be electric as it was busy but it was the complete opposite, everyone including our table looked fed up.

The steak was cooked well done to charred

I knew from looking at my T-Bone Steak it wasn't cooked the way I asked which was medium rare. The colour of the steak didn't look right and what I got a was steak that was more well done to charred, even the fat had been burnt. The seasoning couldn't even save this cremated piece of meat. I tried my hardest to chew it and no flavour came through which told me it wasn't a quality piece of steak and there was no skill or finesse in the cooking of it.

Even with a steak knife I couldn't cut the steak it was that tough. I even asked the manager to cut it who struggled and was hacking at it rather than the steak knife gliding through it effortlessly. The rest of the plate was made up of a thick peppercorn sauce, a small portion of mash that was dry and a piece tomato and mushroom that were underneath the steak making that side damp. The onion rings were soggy and the batter was not crispy. It was like they were cooked, forgotten about and  then left for a long time.

T-Bone Steak with mash, tomato, mushroom and onion rings £19.50

T-Bone Steak with mash, tomato, mushroom and onion rings £19.50

A dining experience that I will not repeat again

Before arriving I thought I would be greeted with a wide selection of specially selected, well aged steaks but there are only two cuts, sirloin and a t bone. That's it. I don't consider fish or chicken to be 'steaks'. I did find the menu confusing as it was a mishmash of Indian and Mediterranean dishes. Either pick one or the other.

The whole experience from entering the restaurant to leaving the half eaten meal took the best part of three hours. I feel for this restaurant to truly excel and shine, some serious retraining needs to be considered for the chefs, waiting staff and management. If it was a tightly run, well organised restaurant they would have saved themselves a lot of complaints that night not just from us but other diners who felt the same way. The lack of organisation and little communication between the waiting and kitchen staff meant diners were being lied to about how long their food would be which added to the rising irritation and 'hanger'.