This list of Halal steakhouses will have you craving steak

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You can always make room for steak

We love steak that much it almost borders on addiction. Our minds start picturing that perfectly seared steak  the moment one of us in the office mentions going to a steakhouse. If you're a serious meat fiend like us we know you're going to find it hard to resist going to a steakhouse after reading this. We wouldn't even blame you for going to the end of the blog to pick a place from the list we've put together just for you.

Muslims love steak. Fact!

Steaks were once reserved for special occasions or a treat you'd give yourself.  But now there are so many Halal steakhouses across the UK you'll be hard pressed not to find one. If you're like us you can enjoy a steak once a week. Another amazing thing is that steakhouses you wouldn't expect to serve Halal steaks have opened up their eyes to how much we Muslims love to eat meat. They can cater to our dietary needs. All you have to do is pre-order it or some even stock Halal cuts.  How cool is that! Here's a crazy fact for you, Muslims (that's over 3 million of us) eat 15% of the total meat eaten in the UK. Now that's a lot!

You eat steak because of the way it makes you feel

You don't eat steak because it's good for you, you eat it for the unique taste and the way it makes you  feel. A well cooked steak with the perfect char, a meaty texture, beefy flavour, and a good amount of fat running through it will beat some of the best meals you've had.  

Ordering a steak can be confusing AF

"What cut do I get? How shall I get it cooked? Should I order a wet or dry aged steak?" All these questions can make ordering a steak confusing. We've broken this down to help make it a little bit easier to order the perfect steak for you at your local Halal steakhouse.

Steak cuts

Whether you like a small steak or like us 'a bigger the better' steak, the first thing you'll choose is the cut of meat.  Generally the most tender steaks come from the loin and rib of the cow and the least tender comes from near the 'round' or booty of the cow.

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Here are some common steak cuts you'll find in a steakhouse:

Fillet - Let's start with one of the most expensive steaks, sometimes known as (ahem in a French accent :P) Filet Mignon or Châteaubriand. It's the most tender of the steaks and very lean so if you're watching your diet then this is the one to go for but it is pricey. It has a mild, delicate flavour.

Sirloin - This steak has a good amount of fat running through it and it has a strip of fat on the outside. It's quite expensive but tender, flavoursome and juicy.

Rib Eye - It has a lot of fat running through the meat and has a super beefy flavour. It's really juicy and tender.

Rump - This steak although tasty it can be tough because it does more work than other parts of the animal but it packs a lot of flavour and cheap compared to the other cuts. If it's your first time eating a steak we say this cut is the safest bet.

T bone - You get two steak in one with the T bone; a sirloin on one side and a small filet on the other separated by a bone. In terms of the flavour you get the best of both worlds; super-tender, buttery Sirloin, and a lean piece of filet.

The Tomahawk - It's a Rib Eye that has a long rib bone attached to the side, which when you look at it resembles an axe. This is a BIG steak with a long handle that could probably be used to chop down trees (we're kidding :P). It has a lot of flavour and a good amount of fat running through it. 

Aging process

Good Halal steakhouses will buy in steaks that have been aged for a minimum of 21 days some going upwards of a couple of months. The aging process tenderises the meat and adds more flavour.

Wet ageing involves vac packing meat in plastic and letting it age in a fridge. This type of aging means there isn't fluid loss like with dry aging. Wet aged beef tastes slightly more metallic but lacks the depth of flavour of dry aged beef.

Dry aging (our favourite) involves storing cuts of beef in a controlled environment for several weeks to several months. This process tenderises the meat and adds to the flavour. Steaks have a deep roasted more nutty flavour when dry aged. But steaks shrink in size due to the loss of water during the dry aging process.


We're definitely not going to tell you how to have your steak because everyone is different. Some like giving their jaw muscles a good work out and others like their steak practically raw. We ain't judging no one.

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We know you've been waiting for this bit

We know you've been easgerly waiting for this. You'll find steakhouses and restaurants that have steak on their menu. Majority of these offer a full Halal menu, while others offer some Halal steak cuts on their menu or you can pre-order it. Enjoy!


Cona (all meats Halal)

Photo courtesy of Cona

Photo courtesy of Cona

Buffalo Grill (all meats Halal),  Howdy (all meats Halal), Veri Peri (HMC Certified), Toros ( Bradford HMC Certified), Zouk (all meats Halal), Godfather Pizzeria (HMC Certified), Romeos Diner (all meats Halal), Saha Steak (all meats Halal), Marco & Carl (all meats Halal), Dhesi Grill (HMC Certified)  Frangoz (all meats Halal), Zana Steakhouse (all meats Halal), Moghuls on the Rocks (all meats Halal), Cafe Zoya (HMC Certfied), Jinnah (all meats Halal), MyLahore (all meats Halal), Cafe Patisserie (all meats Halal), Cabana (All chicken is Halal as is the Rib Eye steak and lamb), Fazenda (48 hours notice needed for Halal beef, chicken and lamb), Vaqueiros (48 hours notice needed for Halal beef, chicken and lamb and a £10 deposit), Bem Brasil (48 hours notice needed for Halal beef, chicken and lamb), Bison Steakhouse (All meats are Halal)


Rump n Ribs (all meats Halal)

Photo courtesy of Rump n Ribs

Photo courtesy of Rump n Ribs

Kebabish (all meats Halal), Relish'd (all meats Halal), BBQ'd (all meats Halal), Toros (Manchester all meats Halal), Sahara (all meats Halal), Miraj (HMC Certified), Junction 51 (all meats Halal), The Clove (all meats Halal), Yaya's (all meats Halal), Cafe Tinsel (all meats Halal), The Steakhouse Co (all meats Halal), Toros (Bolton all meats Halal) Sizzling Palate (all meats Halal), The Meating (all meats Halal), MyLahore (all meats Halal), Marco and Carl (all meats Halal), The Steak Out (all meats Halal), Zouk (all meats Halal), Gourmet Steak & Grill (all meats Halal), Steakout 212 (all meats Halal) Fazenda (48 hours notice needed for Halal beef, chicken and lamb), Steak and Lobster (limited Halal steaks available on menu, best to pre order Halal steaks. 1 week notice needed), Bem Brasil (Halal beef, lamb, chicken available at Deansgate branch, 48 hours notice needed for Halal beef, chicken and lamb at Liverpool branch, 24 hours notice needed for Halal beef, chicken and lamb at Northern Quarter branch), Eat Meat (All meats are Halal), Fusion 21 (All meats are Halal)


Yaqubs Steakhouse (all meats Halal)

Photo courtesy of Yaqubs Steakhouse

Photo courtesy of Yaqubs Steakhouse

Toro's (Birmingham HMC Certified), Ibrahims (all meats Halal), Fargos (all meats Halal), Steak Bus (all meats Halal), MyLahore (all meats Halal), Grillz Steakhouse (all meats Halal), Semedos (HMC Certified), La Favorita (all meats Halal), Farros (all meats Halal), Steak Lounge (all meats Halal), Toros (Nottingham HMC Certified), Zengo (all meats Halal),  Steakout (HMC Certified), Kobe Sizzlers (HMC Certfied), Lemon and Pepper (HMC Certfied), Marco and Carl (all meats Halal), Fernandez (all meats Halal), The Steak Ranch (all meats Halal), Steak and Fish Master (all meats are Halal) Leicester Steakhouse (all meats Halal), Crescent Grill House (all meats Halal), Tinsel Town (all meats Halal), Koyla The Chargrill (HMC Certified), Toros (Leicester HMC Certified), XOXO Grill House (all meats Halal), Scoops Diner (all meats Halal), Rock 66 (all meats Halal), Steakz by Ibrahims (all meats are Halal), The Farmhouse Restaurant (All meats are Halal), Oodles Noodles (all meats are Halal), Pranzo (All meats are Halal), Abu Zayd (All meats are Halal), Bun & Steak (All meats are Halal) Rodizio Rico (Chicken, Beef and Lamb Halal only), Duet Cuisine (All meats are Halal - some dishes cooked with non Halal inredients)


The Banc (all meats Halal)

Photo courtesy of The Banc

Photo courtesy of The Banc

Guanabana (all meats Halal), Meat & Shake (all meats Halal), Meat House (all meats Halal), Elvet Steakhouse (all meats Halal) HS&Co (all meats Halal), Meat & Co (separate Halal menu), Meat Rack (all meats Halal),  Steakout (HMC Certified), Brioche Burger (all meats Halal), Drunch (all meats Halal), Sahara Grill (all meats Halal), Jungle Braii (HMC certified), Red Iron (all meats Halal), The 2Four4 Lounge (all meats Halal), Steak Inn (all meats Halal), Band of Burgers (all meats Halal), Jantar (all meats Halal), Medina Grill (all meats Halal), Sea Fire Grill (HMC Certified), Tinsel Town (all meats Halal), Directors Cut E17 (all meats Halal), Tempus Gourmet Garden (all meats Halal), Big Moe's Diner (all meats Halal), Man vs Food (chicken, lamb, beef, turkey Halal), Madison Steak and Lobster (all meats Halal), Christina's (all meats Halal) Carne Cabana (HMC Certified), Blues Fusion Steakhouse (all meats Halal), Nabrasa (all meats Halal), Roast @ E7 (all meats Halal), Yumn Brasserie (all meats Halal), Toros (all meats Halal), Smokey Boys (all meats Halal), G's Gourmet Burger (HMC Certified), Gourmet Republik (all meats are Halal), Mr White's English Chophouse (Whitechapel branch only - All meats are Halal), Fredo's (All meats are Halal), Rockit Steakhouse (HMC and HFA Certified), Lokkum (All meats are Halal), NYEat (All meats are Halal), Urban Braai Steakhouse (All meats are Halal)

Some more steakhouses

These steakhouses in London offer Halal steak cuts on their menu or you can order it in advance.

Advance notice needed

Christopher's (48 hours advance notice needed for Halal steak)

Photo courtesy of Christopher's

Photo courtesy of Christopher's

JW Steakhouse (48 hours advance notice needed for Halal steak), Goodman (48 hours advance notice needed for Halal steak), Maze Grill (48 hours advance notice needed for Halal steak), Smith and Wollensky (48 hours advance notice needed for Halal steak)

Halal steak cuts available on the menu

Zelman Meats (various Halal cuts are available at Harvey Nicols branch only) 

Photo courtesy of Zelman Meats

Photo courtesy of Zelman Meats

Cut at 45 Park Lane (3 cuts Halal the Rib-Eye, New York Sirloin, & Fillet Mignon), The Steakhouse Harrods  (3 cuts Halal Sirloin, Filet, Rib -eye), El Toro (Rump steak Halal only),  Flaming Cow (beef and 10oz Rump steak in Ealing branch Halal as well as chicken and lamb), Steak & Co (Sirloin steak Halal only),  The Grill at the Dorchester (beef including all steaks, chicken and lamb Halal), The Beast (Australian Chateaubriand Halal only)  

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