11 reasons why Nando's is awesome!

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Going for a 'cheeky' Nando's has become the norm and through the years Nando's have amassed a lot of loyal and dedicated fans.  They're not hard to miss. If you've ever told someone that you've never been for a Nando's (even as a joke) and they have a look of utter shock and disbelief, they're a Nando's fan. They're the ones who talk about craving Nando's every other day or planning their next Nando's fix and they can tell you exactly when they last had a Nando's in days, hours and minutes.

We know the Nando's aficionados will be nodding their heads in agreement  and darting off to the nearest Halal Nando's after reading this. But if you're still skeptical and thinking "It's just chicken FFS!" here's our reasons why you have to try it...

1. The service is really quick

Nando's is changing the face of 'fast food' and has brought in a new kind of dining experience called fast casual. It offers the ease and speed of fast food and the convenience of a sit down meal. You order at the counter, pay and as soon as you sit back down at your table the waiter has probably put your plate of food down.  OK we're exaggerating here but believe us the service is super quick even when it's busy.

2. The chicken tastes so good

The chicken is always on point. The skin is always grilled and charred to perfection, it's basted with your favourite marinade and the chicken always comes out moist and tender. What they put in the damn marinade to make it so addictive we don't know but we love it!

3. It's not that expensive

Paying just under £10 for a quarter chicken, 2 sides and a bottomless drink is not bad going. It's priced slightly higher than fast food joints but the menu consists of better quality ingredients.

4. It's familiar and you know what you're getting

Whichever Halal Nando's you go to you know what to expect; you order in exactly the same way, you get your drink and then attempt to balance all the sauces, tissue and knives and forks in both hands praying not to drop them before you get to your table. The chicken tastes amazing every time and you'll feel comfortable knowing the standard is always the same, whether you're eating at one of their Halal branches in Bradford or Manchester.

5. There's something for everyone

Whether you like your chicken, ahem, plain (look we're not judging anyone) or extra hot (you crazy people you) there is something to suit everyone's tastes. You can choose how much of the chicken you want, what part of the bird you want, how hot you want it and then choose which sides you want. You may choose to go for the same sides every time or choose to mix it up.  If you're feeling up to it try the chicken extra hot.

6. The choice of sauces

There's a sauce for every mood, taste and day of the week. With a bit of trial and error you'll find that one go to sauce you'll pour on your plate every time you dine at Nando's.  

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7. Bottomless drinks

Yes you heard right, order a drink and have as much as you want. No, we're not kidding you can sip as much Coke your belly and bladder can take, guilt free.

8. There's a great atmosphere

Nando's may not haute cuisine but it's not showy and that's what we love about it. You'll see people from all walks of life sat around tables enjoying good food. Nando's has a great vibe and know one judges you even if you're ripping the chicken off with your bare hands and chewing on the bone. Wait is that just us...?

9. Even celebrities are hardcore fans

The list of celebrities who've been to Nando's is probably as long as your arm, maybe longer. Drake, Beyonce,  JME, Kelly Rowland, Kanye West, Olly Murs, Little Mix, even David Cameron has been known to go in for a Nando's. Ed Sheeran and Example love Nando's so much they sang a song about it. Have a listen for yourselves here.

10. Once you've tried it you must have it again and again

Once you've tried Nando's you'll want to go again and again! It may be a week, a month or even later that day before you want your next fix. Don't believe us? Ask any Nando's fan about their first ever Nando's and how many times they've been after.

11. Halal chicken!

We've saved the best for last becuase you're never too far away from a Halal Nando's, there's 72 to be exact. Nando's have recognised Muslims love of food and our strict dietary requirements where meat has to be Halal. This has opened up a whole consumer market for them. Any Halal Nando's you visit you'll see it heaving with Muslim diners, because we love chicken too. Halal Nando's across the UK are clearly labelled in store.

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