Godfather Pizzeria Review: "The steak was tender and the aging process added so much flavour."

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Everything is made in house from scratch

Godfather Pizzeria is an Italian themed restaurant, where everything and I mean everything is freshly made in house. It was a great pleasure talking to the owners because they oozed passion; passionate foodies, passionate about the ingredients, passionate about the food they serve, passionate about great customer service and passionate about everything being made in house from scratch.

They have a proper wood fire pizza oven

I liked the design of the restaurant especially the open kitchen, which you can see as soon as you enter the restaurant. You're not only greeted by the waiting staff but the friendly kitchen staff too.  I was in awe of the traditional wood fire oven, which stood in the kitchen taking centre stage and rightly so. This is an HMC certified restaurant too.

Wood  fire pizza oven. Photo courtesy of Godfather Pizzeria.

Wood  fire pizza oven. Photo courtesy of Godfather Pizzeria.

The king prawns stood elegantly peaking out of the soup

I ordered the King Prawn Peri Peri Soup, which came with freshly made bread. There's a gorgeous crust on the outside created by the searing heat of the wood fire oven. It was crunchy on the outside but soft and warm in the middle. I loved the contrast in the textures. The bread was phenomenal and made tastier with the addition of cheese, chillies and spring onions. The cheese was gooey, the fresh red chilli added a background kick and the onions added an earthy, sweet flavour.

I loved the presentation of the soup. The king prawns stood elegantly with their tails peaking out and  they were plump and juicy, just the way I like them.  Overcooking prawns can turn them into rubbery mess. The soup had a rich flavour and a creamy, smooth texture. The powerful peri peri  chilli really packed a punch but I love the flavour of chilli in my food. There was only one small  downside in that the soup was a little too oily for my liking.  

King prawn peri peri soup with hand made bread

King prawn peri peri soup with hand made bread

My knife glided through the steak no problem

I ordered the Sirloin steak, medium and got it with the mushroom sauce and mash. The sauce was creamy, rich and had a potent flavour of mushroom. In a lot of steak places I've tried when I get the mushroom sauce it's almost like a cream of mushroom soup but at Godfathers you get small bite sized mushrooms  and thinly sliced onions in the sauce. It tasted rustic and homemade.  I would have preferred the sauce to be served separately but that's only minor. I could tell the mash was freshly made. It was really light,  fluffy and buttery.

The steak, oh boy the steak, what can I say? It was a seriously big slab of good quality beef.  My steak was so tender and the steak knife glided through it.  As soon as I bit into the steak  the meat broke away and melted  in my mouth. My jaw didn't feel like it had a workout after I finished. I didn't even want to swallow the bite of steak I took. It kept releasing so much flavour in my mouth, the beef juices,  the earthy mushrooms, heat from the black pepper and the slight sweetness from the onions were all having a party in my mouth.

The steaks are bought 21 day dry aged and they're then hung for about a week in a cold room in house,  to further mature and intensify the flavour of the meat. That bit of extra care and attention does wonders to the taste.

Sirloin steaj with mushroom sauce and mash

Sirloin steaj with mushroom sauce and mash

The drive home was going to be a mission

I was full to the brim and left fully satisfied after that epic meal came to an end. I now had to contend with driving home with a belly full of food. Oh well :)