Your food is Halal and Tayyib? Perfect!

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We all know about or have come across the word Halal whether we're Muslims or not. This may be through books, teachers,  family, friends or even the press.  But what about Tayyib?

Eat food that is wholesome, pure and good for you

There's a lot of emphasis placed on eating Halal but we feel  less so on Tayyib, which is just as important and deeply rooted in Islamic principles.

The word Tayyib means good,  pure and wholesome. The food we eat must be good for us, nutritious and not harm us for e.g. eating too much sugary or fatty foods wouldn't be good for you. We should try to eat more meals that are nutritious and have health benefits and less food that's high in fat, swimming in oil or coated in sugar.

For example the food found in your local fast-food takeaway would be considered Halal but is it Tayyib? Does it give us the nutrients, goodness and health benefits we need? Probably not. Eating a balanced meal is key; good carbs, lean protein, veg, and good fats. Organic and natural foods is also a  step in the right direction. So we should eat Halal (lawful) and Tayyib (wholesome and good for us).

There's lots of restaurants offering healthier options

You'll find healthy, nutritious foods at Comptoir Libanais (all meats are Halal), Antep (all meats are Halal), Tossed (Halal Chicken),  Barburrito (Halal Chicken and Beef), Rola Wala (Halal chicken, lamb and beef), Wrapchic (all meats are Halal), Wrap It Up (all meats are Halal) and Tortilla (Halal Chicken) Ceru (all meats are Halal), Zabardast (all meats are Halal) just to name a few. These restaurants' unique selling point is that they're serving healthy and nutritious food that's great tasting. So good for your body and taste buds. Even on the aisles of your local supermarket Foodery are offering food that's tasty, healthy, nutritious and Halal. Healthy food doesn't mean boring food.

Image courtesy of Foodery

Image courtesy of Foodery

We as hungry, adventurous foodies are not just asking if the meat is Halal but how was the animal raised and is the meal I'm eating healthy and good for me.

What is Halal then?

Halal means lawful or permitted in Arabic. This not only applies to food and drink, but all matters of daily life.  When used in relation to food and drink it means that the food and drink is lawful and permitted.

Traditional Halal meat is slaughtered by hand and blessed by whoever is slaughtering the animal. For meat to be considered Halal the animal must be alive and healthy before it is killed and all the blood must be drained from the body. Food that's been cooked with non Halal fats, meats and ingredients like alcohol for example wouldn't be considered Halal.

This is why we're so transparent on our app when it comes to the 'Halal Status' of a place. We want make that dining decision less complicated and easier for you so you can get to what's most important, digging into the food of course! 

We care about the well being of the animal too

Millennial Muslims don't just care that the meat they're eating is Halal but also that it comes from an animal that's been looked after, treated decently and lived a happy life. Even during slaughter we're not allowed to inflict unnecessary pain on the animal and the animal should be slaughtered away for the sight and hearing of the other animals. 

We want meat that's of excellent quality, ethically sourced and sustainable. This is why you'll hear Muslim restaurant owners talk about the meat they're serving, what breed of animal it is, how they were slaughtered, and what they were fed when asked. This also extends to the other ingredients used to make up the dish. 

Restaurants and businesses are offering ethically sourced meats and produce

Restaurants like Rump n Ribs (all meats are Halal), Kebabish Grill & Steakhouse (all meats are Halal), Moghuls on the Rocks (all meats are Halal), Brioche Burger (all meats are Halal) and Cona (all meats are Halal), The Great Chase (all meats are Halal) come to mind where chefs are using top quality produce to create their dishes and restaurant owners take pride in it too.  Some of these restaurants' unique selling point is that they serve healthy and nutritious food that is great tasting. So good for your body and taste buds :)

Businesses like Halalnivore, Halal Exotic Meats and Haloodies are offering superior quality, ethically sourced meats that are both Halal and Tayyib to Millennial Muslims.

Image courtesy of Haloodies

Image courtesy of Haloodies

Halal and Tayyib go hand in hand

Halal ensures the animal is slaughtered in the correct way and is permissible for us to eat while Tayyib ensures the food we eat is healthy, nutritious and good for us. That old saying 'You are what you eat' rings very true. If we want to eat better and live healthily then the decision lies with us. Let's keep it Halal and Tayyib peeps.

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