You've got to try one of these Halal gourmet burger joints in the next seven days!

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You may not look pretty eating a gourmet burger, but who cares!

We can't think of anything better than pigging out on a mammoth sized gourmet  burger. One that you can barely fit in your mouth or one that you have to disassemble just to take it down.  Thinking of a  big slab of minced beef grilled to perfection, layered with cheese, toppings and then loving wrapped in a sweet, airy  bun makes us sing for joy.

It's one of the ultimate comfort foods. It's familiar and if you ask any one of your mates to join you for a burger not many will refuse that offer. When we mention burgers in the office conversations can last for ages about favourite Halal gourmet burger joints, some of us prefer beef patties, some chicken (others veg :P). One thing we do know is that once you've tried a gourmet burger there's simply no going back to the boring takeaway burgers .

Gourmet burgers are changing up the restaurant scene

Halal burger joints are changing up the game and catching up to their non-Halal contemporaries. We've all heard of the burger chains like GBK (panko crumbed chicken is Halal), Handmade Burger Co (Halal chicken is served and cooked on a separate grill),  Byron Burgers and Honest Burgers to name a few, who've paved the way and made gourmet burgers trendy in the UK. Some of these burger chains have even introduced Halal meats because they want to tap into the Muslim market. We love to eat people what can we say!

It's all about the ingredients

'Foodpreneurs' are recognising people's tastes are changing and millennial Muslims are demanding better burgers, which use locally and ethically sourced ingredients. So these creative chefs are experimenting with more top quality ingredients from the meats they use and where they source it from, to the toppings and even the bun. No way could you have dreamt of eating  a 32 day, dry aged Wagyu beef burger 10 years ago, but now burgers like this are the norm.


Burgers are for everyone

You can't go wrong with a burger because there's literally something for everyone. For people who are more reserved in what they order and like to stick to what they know, can have burgers with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. But for the super adventurous there's topping combinations that will make your taste-buds tickle with joy!

Where are all these Halal burger joints?

Halal gourmet burger joints are popping up everywhere and like Luther Vandross sings there's "Never too much, Never too much" in our opinion. It doesn't matter where you live you're sure to find one or ten.  Here's our list of fave burger joints and restaurants serving gourmet burgers up and down the UK. You can find loads more on the app.


Godfather Pizzeria 

Image courtesy of Godfather Pizzeria

Image courtesy of Godfather Pizzeria

50's Grill, ConaMylahore, Frankies Burgers, Foodrepublic, Cafe Zoya, Buffalo Grill, Frangoz, Brooklyn Fries, Grill & Chill, Bombay Bites, Zouk, Woody JoesDhesi Grill, Burger Time, TorosCafe Patiserrie, Howdy, Cafe Aamir Khans, Pax Burger (Halal chicken burger, halloumi burger & fish burger), City Cafe,  Unit BurgerChickanos, JinnahSaHa Steak, Romeos Diner

All meats are Halal at the above restaurants unless stated otherwise



Image courtesy of Mumu Steakhouse

Image courtesy of Mumu Steakhouse

Image courtesy of Real Burger Co

Image courtesy of Real Burger Co

Chicago Gourmet Burger Co, Fargos Food Factory, Tru Burger, Grillz Steakhouse, Yaqubs, Boo Burger, Scoops, Zengos, Steak Lounge, FarrosMarco & Carl, Kobe Sizzlers, Steakout, Grizzlers , Lemon and Pepper, Fernandez Grillhouse , Toros,Rock 66, Wanted Burgers, Celebz, It's a Brooklyn Thing, Rickshaw Rick's, Roosters, Rockin Diner, Tinseltown, Roqitoz, Scoops Diner

All meats are Halal at the above restaurants.

London and surrounding areas

Band of Burgers

Image courtesy of Band of Burgers

Image courtesy of Band of Burgers

The Meating Room, Amigos, Stax Diner, Brioche Burger, Burgista Bros, Burgeri, Fatburger, Smoky Boys, Asta Luego's, Meat & Shake,  Loaded Gourmet Burgers and Fries, 5 Lads, Allstars Gourmet, Gourmet Republik,  Proper Burgers, Big Gun BrosRed Iron Burgers, Guanabana, Drunch, The Gourmet Hut, Famous Flames,  Uptown Burger Co, Habeneros, G's Gourmet Burgers, Moor & Hitch, Tempus Gourmet Garden, Five Lads, Burger StackBig Moe's Diner, Two Buns, Sahara Grill, The Banc, Area 52, Fat Joe's Sports Cafe,  The Grill Factory, Meat House, Rustix Gourmet, Burgo, Gourmet ShackMeat RackRoute 58 Diner, HS&Co, Roosters, Boondocks, Flaming Cow (Halal beef at Ealing branch, Halal chicken and lamb at both branches), Smoky Boys , Shake Shack (Halal chicken burger only), Greedy Cow (chicken and lamb Halal only) Burger UK, Wraps and Wings, Meat & Co , Sugar Mill , Bird, Ma Plucker, The Great Chase, Honest Burgers (Tooting Branch Halal chicken only), Mother Clucker, Baba G's, GG's, The 2Four4 Lounge , Meat Rack, Meat House, Band of Burgers , G's Gourmet Burger

All meats are Halal at the above restaurants unless stated otherwise

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