Is street food really that good? No, it's great!

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When you think about street food you'll be forgiven for thinking of a greasy burger stand serving burgers with patties as thin as sheets of paper or a food cart selling,  ahem,  'not so tempting food' to put it mildly. Well guess what? These bleak burger stands and doner vans have been replaced by food trucks owned by passionate chefs looking to tantalise your taste buds with food that will rival the food at your favourite restaurants.

Street food is taking over the UK

Street food is authentic, cheap, tasty and we're a nation obsessed with it. Variety, convenience, freshness, delicious flavours are all reasons why street food is awesome. It's also very trendy and cool. So much, that it's not just London feeling the street food vibe it's the whole of the UK and the world. An estimated 2.5 billion people around the world eat some form of street food every day! Facts don't lie people!

Here's why you have to try it

1. Street food is exciting

We're definitely a generation who are more adventurous when it comes to trying new foods and cuisines. Food is an adventure and an experience for both your memory banks and your taste buds. Streets up and down the UK are being transformed so all you foodies can try the tastiest foods ever, all in one place. Plus, new food experiences make life more interesting. It's true what they say "Variety is the spice of life."

2. Your mates will be 'well jel'

Once your dish is served and your mouth has stopped drooling, it's the perfect opportunity to take a snap of your food and share it on Instagram or Snapchat for all your mates to see. Who doesn't love a good food photo?

3. You can watch your food being cooked in front of you

Street food is theatre. Watch your food being cooked from start to finish right before your eyes with top quality, fresh ingredients. How cool is that? You can even  ask all those burning foodie questions you have about the flavours, ingredients and the inspiration behind the dishes.

4. It's food that's pushing the boundaries

These clever chefs and  'foodpreneurs' are pushing the boundaries of what great food is with amazing flavours and taste combos. It's authentic and reflective of what you'll find on the streets of India, Thailand, Mexico; the list is endless. The best part is you're eating what the locals of that country would eat every day!

5. It brings people together

Street food has brought a sense of community to the streets of the UK. You can enjoy food from so many countries with other hungry foodies. It's available to everyone plus food is always a great conversation starter.

6. Enjoy eating outdoors

Brave the elements, be it rain or sunshine, and enjoy your food  in the outdoors with lots of other hungry foodies just like you.

Oh man, I'm hungry now. Where can I get some?

We thought you would be. There are places throughout the UK where you can try it. Check out some of our favourites:


Camden Market

Brick Lane street food market

Leather Lane market

Druid Street market

Borough market

Broadway market

Magic Round About 

Urban Food Fest

Street Feast

Street food Market at Piccadilly

Belgrave Road and Melton Road, Leicester

(Please check with each food vendor regarding Halal status of meats and dishes)

Restaurants are getting in on it too

Street food is also influencing the restaurant scene. You just have to look at the menus to see what impact street food is having. This means you don't have to wait for a food market, a pop up to set up or stand out in the rain, just head to one of these restaurants we've hand-picked for you. They offer plenty of Halal options too. You can find them on the app.

Cabana (Halal chicken, lamb and rib-eye steak)

Image courtesy of Cabana

Image courtesy of Cabana

Inito (All meats are Halal)

Image courtesy of Inito

Image courtesy of Inito

Pide (All meats are Halal)

Image courtesy of Pide

Image courtesy of Pide

Rola Wala (Chicken and beef are Halal)

Image courtesy of Rola Wala

Image courtesy of Rola Wala

Comptoir Libanais (all meats are Halal)

Image courtesy of Comptoir Libanais

Image courtesy of Comptoir Libanais

Barburrito (Halal chicken and beef steak)

Image courtesy of Barburrito 

Image courtesy of Barburrito 

CrepeAffaire (Halal chicken)

Image courtesy of CrepeAffaire UK

Image courtesy of CrepeAffaire UK


And some more.....because we're nice :)

Pho (Halal chicken), The Indian Tiffin Room (all meats are Halal), Tortilla (Halal chicken), Nada Budaya (all meats are Halal), Cafe Moor (all meats are Halal), Zindiya (no meats are Halal but fish & veg options available), Kati Roll Company (all meats are Halal), Chit Chaat Chai (all meats are Halal), Roti Chai (all meats are Halal), Wrapchic (all meats are Halal), Dabbawal (all meats are Halal), Bakchich (all meats are Halal), Yalla Yalla (all meats are Halal except two dishes), Bombay Bites (all meats are Halal), Chai Thali (all meats are Halal), Masala Zone (all meats are Halal), New Yorker (all meats are Halal), Indico (all meats are Halal), Raja Monkey (all meats are Halal), Tru Street (all meats are Halal), Pancho.s Burritos (Halal chicken, beef and lamb. Non Halal meats are served), Hankies Cafe (Halal chicken, beef and lamb. Guinea Fowl is not Halal), Cafe Moor (all meats are Halal), Chai Wala (all meats Halal), Indico (all meats are Halal), Tamatanga (all meats are Halal), Wok Wala (all meats are Halal), Oli Baba (Halloumi fired are Halal), Med Bar (Halal chicken only), The Cat's Pyjamas (Halal chicken only)


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