The app that makes finding Halal food oh so easy

Picture this; you're out with your mates, you're in a new city, you're hungry but you don't know which place serves Halal or if it's any good. You can't decide so you go to the nearest one and pray it's good. Sound familiar? Well guess what, this is where Halal Spot comes to the rescue. 

Enjoy finding amazing Halal restaurants near you

We want to make discovering  and finding great Halal food near you fun, easy and rewarding. We want to introduce you to the best places to eat, the hidden gems, your favourite restaurant,  the chains that you didn't even know served Halal options. These restaurants will offer you something great in return for discovering and dining with them. How does a meal deal or an exclusive discount sound? More moola in your pocket can't be bad. 

Two taps and you're there

Halal Spot lets you discover and find amazing Halal places to eat near you in real time with a couple of taps. Found an Indian restaurant down the road or a cool little Japanese restaurant serving the buffest  sushi? Get over there and chow down. Use the app whenever and wherever you want; when you're in a new city, in your home town and when you're planning a meal out. We'll showcase the best places for you to try and leave the rest up to you.

Restaurants are missing out on Muslim foodies

We feel businesses are missing out on a golden opportunity by not letting you know they offer Halal, if they've just opened, or let you know about the amazing food they serve. But businesses will be able to talk to you guys to let you know a cool new special offer, what is and isn't Halal on their menu, if they've opened a new branch or have come out with a brand spanking new dish all through the app. We don't want you to miss out on something better, something cooler, something that'll save you money or something hidden away. Be in the know.

Ultimately we want to take the hassle out of your dining choices and where to eat. We're constantly developing and innovating the app because we want to make finding Halal easy. It's that simple.

Download it from the App Store and the Play Store now to see what restaurants you find. Happy dining!